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Diagnose Sendlane Automation Issues

110118-N-7456N-300 SAN DIEGO (Jan. 18, 2011)

After an incredible Saturday of deep diving into video binging, thanks to Jeff and Shannon. Bring on the fire hose!

Binge Videos

Shannon has an incredible 5 Day Website Challenge that I swallowed in 6 hours. This course is just incredible. I signed up for it on the previous Monday. Come Saturday I was ready to dive in.

Jeff's videos comprised of nothing but pure meat and potatos for an online business. How to integrate your Sendlane processes with a WordPress site. Yummy! I did have to eat my vegetables though. I went ahead and purchsed a license for Thrive themes. So far I haven't regreted it. The Thrive Architect is the bomb.

Implementation Joy

Sunday was spent implementing most of the things learned. There were a couple of rough patches, but going back and reviewing the previous days material took care of it.

One major snag, was not being able to get my automation to work. Sendlane doesn't let you now if an automation was activated. Talking to customer service let me know that the queue for running the automation was a little behind. I just need to wait a little bit. They were right. All good.

Funnel Diagnosing

From my experience working on enterprise level messaging systems, we run into this kinds of problems from time to time. We found a way to tag our messages as they go through our messaging pipes (similar to funnels). What we do is append information to the messages themselves to let us know where they have been. It saves us a lot of headaches when messages don't get delivered.

The video below is one way to add information to a message. Please enjoy!

P.S. If you want a free copy of the code to paste into Thrive Opt-in from your Sendlane Web Form, CLICK HERE!

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