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3 Things To Have A Profitable Business

Most businesses fail, both online and offline, and that’s hard to face!
Do you know why?  The answer is actually pretty simple.

It’s because they don’t bring in enough revenue from their product sales to cover their advertising costs and turn a profit. That’s the basic goal of any business, right? To spend money on advertising, sell products, and have some money left over after paying for all of your expenses so you can do it all over again.  Why do they struggle to make a profit?

It’s because they don’t have all 3 of the things you need to create a profitable business…

  1. High-quality traffic (people coming through their doors).
  2. A high converting online sales process (to sell their products).
  3. A variety of high and low priced products called a value ladder (selling multiple products at different prices).

Put those 3 things together and you have the perfect scenario for a profitable online business, but leave one out and you’ll struggle and most likely fail.

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